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Celebrating the Resurrection

A compilation

free-bible-studies-online-anchorThe miracle of Easter is that because Jesus didn’t remain in the grave, we don’t have to either. We don’t have to suffer death, the payment for our sins in hell, or eternal separation from God. Jesus took that payment for us, and then rose in new life. And His new life can be inside us, giving us hope and peace, as we are filled with His love. He arose! And as a result, we were also born anew. Hallelujah!
—David Brandt Berg


Easter gives us hope

Because Jesus was not claimed by death, not left in Hell, we also can escape death, and the awful feeling that we’ve done too many bad things, that there’s no way things can now turn out good for us. In a word, Easter gives us hope.

We can fly like a beautiful eagle or…

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