Interesting Facts About the Human Body for Kids

Interesting Facts About the Human Body for Kids


By Naomi Sarah

1. The strongest muscle in the human body is the tongue. You might like to go through muscular system facts.
2. The skull is made up of 29 different kinds of bones. Also see, how many bones in the human body.
3. The human heart and other body functions stop all at once, when one sneezes.
4. It takes 72 muscles to flex, for one to speak.

5. The body is made up of 80% water.
6. It isn’t possible to sneeze with your eyes open.
7. An average human blinks about 6,205,000 times a year.
8. The stomach needs to produce a new mucus layer every 2 weeks, else it would digest itself.
9. Humans have unique tongue prints, just like finger prints.
10. Only humans can secrete tears from emotion; when animals do, it is due to some physical reasons.
11. It takes the body about 12 hours to completely digest the food present in the digestive system.
12. Humans experience REM (Rapid Eye Movement), when witnessing vivid dreams.
13. Your ears and nose continue to grow throughout your life.
14. Some of the body parts that we don’t require are – the appendix, pinkie toe, wisdom teeth and tonsils.
15. It takes 43 muscles to frown, and 17 to smile.
16. Average head of hair, has about 100,000 strands.
17. If you work on a computer for hours, staring at a blank piece of white paper will appear pink.
18. Humans lose at least 40-100 strands of hair per day.
19. It isn’t possible for one to tickle themselves.
20. All babies are born with blue eyes, until they acquire their true eye colors as they grow up.

These human body systems, make up the whole of our bodies and allows each of us to function in a certain way. What the body experiences, whether good/bad, we are able to identify and rectify/satisfy depending upon what signals are sent by the body to our brains. There are many factors that go into the workings of our bodies, including the many weird facts about the human body.

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