2014 Goals – It’s not too late

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It’s almost the end of January. How is your planning for 2014 coming along?

I don’t do resolutions, I make plans. Last year, I got a little overwhelmed, I had goals, but no specific plans in place to support them. This year, I’m still dreaming big, but I’m trying to put more structure in place to support my goals. What’s that, you don’t have goals or a plan for 2014? Psshhh, no worries, it’s never to late to start! Click your mouse and break out the gel pens and let’s get started! There is no need to reinvent the wheel, I found several planning programs on line, two are even free!

The first is Unraveling The Year 2014 by Susannah Conway.  This is the 4th year I’ve completed Conway’s program and I really enjoy it. She walks you through thoroughly dissecting 2013 and then asks a series of questions to help…

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