Howard inspires Rockets
29 Jan 2014 08:09:22
Julio Chitunda
The Houston Rockets
bounced back from a 15-
point deficit in the first
half of Tuesday NBA
Action to beat the San
Antonio Spurs for the third consecutive
time this season.
Houston played without their leading
scorer James Harden, due to injury, but
Dwight Howard stepped up as he
dominated both ends of the floor with a
game-high 23 points and 16 rebounds
to help the Rockets see off the Spurs
Despite Boris Diaw’s season-high 22
points, the injury-hit San Antonio lost
their second straight game.
San Antonio currently hold the second
best record in the Western Conference
behind the Oklahoma City thunder, and
ahead of the Portland Trail Blazers who
lost at home 98-81 to the Memphis
It was Portland’s second straight loss,
while the Grizzlies extended their
winning streak to three.
The New Orleans Pelicans

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