3 Hottest Towns in Meru to Invest in

by admin on December 22, 2010


With all the horticulture going on around Timau town, it is one of the  spots rewarding investors handsomely with the highest returns on investment in Meru.

Real estate in one of the invetsments that is giving investors atleast 12% return on investment per annum.

Land in Timau is also very productive making agriculture also a key investment.


For several reasons, Maua has always attracted silent investors. Those who have ever gone to Maua from other parts of Meru have never gone back. This should tell investors that there is money in Maua.

Maua town is attractive because of liquid cash changing hands. It is said that residents of Maua eat and lodge in town instead of their homes. This is prompted by easy cash from miraa or Khat.

The main investements that are rewarding in Maua include; real estate for middle and low class, restaurants and clothing business.


I am not sure whether Isiolo is in Meru but I leave that to the reader to figure it out.

With the coalition government pushing for Nairobi, Isiolo, Ethiopia high-way, Isiolo is strategically positioned to become a hub of actvity.

The construction of an airport in Isiolo should tell serious investors something which should attract their attention.

With its strategic location for transit vehicles and multi ethnicity, Isiolo is haven to make cash.

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